Wake Up With A Young Gary Sheffield Hitting A Bomb In The 1993 All Star Game

I think I've said it before, but Gary Sheffield is my all time favorite player. It's not even close. The stance, the swagger, the mean streak, the bombs, everything. He was the best. No one swung harder, and no one hit more violent home runs. This is a young ass Sheff in the '93 All Star game in Baltimore. As is tradition, he almost swings out of his shoes and plants one deep into left. That is just what he does. You've all heard the stories about how he got his quick wrists and batting stance from training with his uncle, Dwight Gooden, and boy did it pay off. Absolutely one of the most feared power hitters of our time, Sheff would make you pay if you made a mistake, and shit, sometimes you'd pay even if you made a perfect pitch. He wasn't just a home run guy, he was a damn good hitter too. But man when he got them, they were absolute no doubters. Amazing to watch a guy like Gary spank balls.