Skinny Protesters Show Up At Abercrombie And Fitch To Rally For The Fats

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NYDNMore than 30 activists, dressed in XL and XXL white T-shirts descended upon the flagship Fifth Ave. Abercrombie & Fitch store Thursday afternoon in response to the CEO’s notorious comments about the brand being proudly “exclusionary.” The protesters were wearing homemade shirts that read: “We may not wear this size, but 15,000 of us respect people who do,” accompanied by the hash tag, #FitchPlease. “We’re pushing this because it’s an issue affecting young people,” Colleen Wormsley, marketing associate for the nonprofit, told the Daily News. “When we saw this in news, we realized we had to do something about it, no pun intended.” Around 4:30pm Thursday, around 35 interns and other Do Something workers walked into the flagship store wearing street clothes over their oversized T-shirts. They were celebrating a milestone — that their petition to get the popular teen brand to carry plus-sizes had reached 15,000 signatures, many of them young people. “We don’t think being cool depends on what size you are,” Wormsley said. “All kids should be considered cool no matter what their size. These are Abercrombie’s target market.”

First thing’s first, I’m gonna point out the obvious and say that some of these broads in these pictures are exactly the type of fat people Abercrombie is trying to avoid. Nice trying with the “We may not wear this size” shtick but guess what? You’re still too fat for Abercrombie.

Secondly, if I was a fat person I would be so offended by these assholes. Parading around in fuckin boat sails for clothing pretending to be fat like some sort of Halloween costume crusading for me to be able to buy clothes. I guess since I basically am a fat person now I can just say it myself – Get out of my face you DoSomething assholes. Its like dressing up in blackface and protesting for black people. If The Fats are upset at Abercrombie, let them do their own protesting. No need to make a mockery of them like they’re some sort of fucking lepers who can’t do it themselves.

PS – It takes a lot for me to side with one of those asshole Abercrombie models who stand outside the store shirtless but that guy and his prep school face in front of these losers is A+ stuff.