Let's Meet The Rocket Ship Smokeshow Who Went Streaking During The Champions League Final Over The Weekend

In case you missed it over the weekend, a rocket ship smokeshow went streaking on the pitch at the UEFA Champions League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham.

She stole the show while she promoted her boyfriend’s porn website Vitaly Uncensored. Her name is Kinsey Wolanski and she is lovely. She’s also a genius. Her Instagram shot up from a few hundred thousands followers to several million in just a day. You could argue no one has ever benefited from streaking across a field in the history of streaking. Usually it’s some asshole promoting or protesting some political movement. Well, when you have a smoke out there with a harmless purpose like this, that will win over the people. For some reason her Instagram got suspended after all of this, but I imagine it’ll be back up soon considering how big she blew up.

For now, let’s meet Kinsey and fall in love with her shall we?

Yeah I officially hate her boyfriend more than anyone on the planet right now. Life is unfair.