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Brady is Trying to Trademark 'Tom Terrific.' Mets Fans are Taking it About as Well as You'd Imagine

Source - As if New Yorkers needed another reason to hate Tom Brady.

The hardly humble New England Patriots quarterback is seeking to trademark the moniker “Tom Terrific” — the same nickname bestowed upon legendary Mets’ Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver.

Brady’s recent trademark application was discovered by a Philadelphia law firm and instantly sent Mets fans into a tizzy.

“Tom Brady is an arrogant pr–k,” Mets superfan Dom D’Angelo, 55, fumed outside his team’s Citi Field ballpark in Queens on Sunday. “He’s not getting his cheating, ball-deflating paws on ‘Tom Terrific.’ Go back to Boston and get your own f–king name, Brady.”

Ronaldo Sosa, 52, said the move was very “in character” for the arch nemesis of New York sports fans — who was caught using illegal, easier-to-catch deflated balls in games.

“Go back to deflating footballs, you jerk,” Sosa said. …

“He’s an idiot,” [another] fan said of Brady. “He’s probably the GOAT [Greatest Of All Time quarterback], but get your own nickname.’’

Even Yankees fan Michael Robinson said Brady shouldn’t be going after Seaver’s moniker.

“He’s got Gisele [Bündchen] — what else does he need?” Robinson remarked of Brady and his model wife.

Brady was suspended for four games in 2015 for his involvement with Patriots’ employees deflating footballs before the AFC championship game.

As if existence as a Mets fan isn’t already a fruitless exercise, filled with desolation, despair and hopelessness. Now Tom Brady, who hasn’t been an existential threat to them since he was drafted by the Expos in 1998, is trying to take one of the things that appears to be most precious to them: Tom Seaver’s nickname. Apparently “Tom Terrific” is some sacred artifact to them. It’s their Cross of Coronado and Brady’s the guy in the fedora and leather jacket taking it for himself while they scream it should be in a museum.

Not that I especially care. Because frankly I’ve never heard anybody call him by any nickname other than GOAT and TB12. Despite what the official record states:

Tom Terrific 2

Note: The Pharaoh? So he’s an Old Testament supervillain who enslaves people to build monuments to his own opulent grandeur? What am I missing here? But I digress.

But what’s the Met fan argument here? Brady’s not entitled to trademark Tom Terrific because Seaver had it first? If you want to get technical, “The Captain Kangaroo Show” had it when Seaver was still in grade school:

So let’s not act like no one ever thought to form an alliteration with the shortened version of Thomas in front of the adjective meaning unusually fine, magnificent, exceptional before their guy started winning Cy Youngs.

And the other argument seems to be, what exactly? Brady doesn’t need the nickname since he’s got the world’s most desirable woman and all the championships and records? If anything, that’s precisely why he should get it. Let him go to court and get all the nicknames. The Great One. The Golden Bear. The Yankee Clipper. Teddy Ballgame. Broadway Joe. The Brown Bomber. Anything he wants trademarked, he should get trademarked. He’s earned it. If Tom Seaver doesn’t like it, he should’ve gone to court and done it himself. And I say that as a fan of the rule of law and not just someone who watched him be objectively terrible for the 1986 Red Sox when he went 5-7 with a career high WHIP of 1.371.

But mostly I want Brady to get it for this:

“Go back to deflating footballs, you jerk,” Sosa said.

Take Renaldo Sosa’s hero’s precious nickname because you can. But also because guys like this deserve it. Slap it on merchandise, make a fortune, win some more and repeat, Tom Terrific Brady.