Cyclist Gets Knocked Off His Bike By A Fan, Proceeds To Smack The Shit Out Of Said Fan

I feel like we’ve been begging for more of this in sports for years now. Player and fan altercations are something that need to start happening more frequently because there are a ton of fans out there who deserved to get smacked by some athletes. Aubrey Graham for example.

Turns out, all we needed was for the cyclists to get things going and jumpstart the movement. So credit to Miguel Angel Lopez. When the day finally comes that athletes get to fight one fan per year with zero repercussions, we’ll have him to thank for it.

I’m just a little disappointed that he didn’t hit the dude harder. I don’t need to see a guy get his face completely caved in. But you could tell how much Miguel Lopez was holding back there. A backhand with the right, then an open hand slap with the left. That’s a mercy combination right there. If he really wanted to tee off on the guy, he had the option. But I guess that’s one way to make sure that this dude isn’t crushing any steroids. Imagine if that was Lance? No shot in hell would that rage be contained.

Oh and by the way, credit to whatever…cycling league(?) this is from because there was no punishment or suspension coming from this. Which is absolutely the right call. Let the boys play!