SHOCKER: From This Leaked Video it Seems James Holzhauer Loses Tonight on 'Jeopardy!'

This is allegedly a leaked video from the “Jeopardy!” scheduled to air tonight. I say “allegedly” because my brain is so far incapable of accepting what I just watched is real.

Deep Fake videos are getting more realistic by the day. Almost 30 years after Steven Spielberg was able to use computers to make it look like a T-Rex was eating an SUV filled with kids, we are very close to the software than can make anything look real. Deepfakes are soon going to be a very terrifying part of our lives and you won’t be able to trust anything you see. From doctored celebrity porns to campaign ads where the opposition candidate is made to look like he’s having sex with farm animals to edited clips that have the pope going on a killing spree, it’ll all be impossible to tell reality from fiction.

So am I saying that’s what this is? Not necessarily. Just that I won’t believe it until I see it tonight at 7:55pm. It’s just too hard to imagine otherwise. I don’t think I live in a world where Big Brain James Holzhauer goes into Final Jeopardy in second place. And only wagers $1,399 on the question. My feeble mind can’t process the site of him standing there behind his screen with a mere mortal total of $24,799. So for now, I wait.

But if true, Emma Boettcher takes her place among the all time great giant killers of history. Buster Douglas. The Jets in Super Bowl III. 1985 Villanova. The Miracle on Ice. The Britains at Agincourt. Let’s just not get ahead of ourselves because I’m not ready to live in a post-Holzhauer world.