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Wake Up With Michael Jordan In The NBA Finals

Listen obviously I’m sick to my stomach watching the NBA Finals for about a billion reasons. Most notably is that Michael Jordan’s Bulls (aka, My Bulls) would have mopped and waxed the floor with both teams at the same time. Play two concurrent 7 game series against the Warriors and Raptors. No off days. Just bounce back and forth between playing both teams and I bet you a beef Jordan wins back to back 4-0 sweeps. And the reason he would do that is because he’s significantly better, the Bulls were awesome and that’s the end of my salty meatball take.


Real question is would Drake be dead by now? Like *actually* dead in the ground with worms and shit crawling out of his eye sockets because Michael Jordan murdered him.  Let there be no doubt, Aubrey Graham would not think for 5 seconds to pull any of this bullshit on the GOAT.