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Congressman Duncan Hunter Tells Zero Blog Thirty That His Unit "Killed Probably Hundreds of Civilians"

This story has been going wild in Military circles over the last week. Two weeks ago, Kate and I sat down with Duncan Hunter in his office on Capitol Hill. Before we got there, the squad had a pretty healthy debate about if we were doing the right thing in conducting this interview.

If you go through Duncan Hunter’s history, lots of it is horrific. From lying about wounded warriors to running one of the more dirty campaigns in congressional history, and racking up 60 charges which resulted in him losing his spot on committees, Rep. Hunter reputation has certainly been sullied over the last few years. We knew that going in.

Kate and I went through all the information we could find and eventually decided to interview him anyway. Rep. Hunter has proven to have the ear of the President with issues concerning the military and that’s where Zero Blog Thirty’s loyalties are. We wanted to talk to him because the pardons for several military members were a hot topic in veteran and active duty circles and he is the first Congressman to serve in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We wanted to get Hunter’s side from him personally. We did that and got more than we bargained for.

ZBT isn’t Meet the Press. 70 percent of the time, Zero Blog Thirty is a podcast like all the other ones on the barstool network. But, given the fact that our subject matter can include things that are life and death, we dive into serious issues from time to time. Normally, we joke about our subject. We talk about sky penises, porta-potties, deployments, and make fun of each other. Needless to say, this interview wasn’t like that. This interview was a big ball of what the fuck.

Hunter started talking in red herrings about the cases at hand. It caught me totally off guard. Kate did great though.

After leaving Hunter’s office, Kate and I just looked at each other in the hallway of one of the congressional buildings and just kept saying “what the fuck.” We debated how and if we would let that interview air. Ultimately, we decided to publish the interview because there’s a decent portion of the mil community who agree with Hunter.

ZBT doesn’t and we had to be clear about that.

One of the biggest criticisms that we’ve gotten is that we “gave Hunter a platform.” He’s been elected to Congress four times. His platform is on Capitol Hill. If you’d like to listen to the whole thing, here it is.