Anthony Bosch Decided To Rat On Everyone After Arod Refused To Give Him Money

NYDN- The owner of the South Florida anti-aging clinic at the center of baseball’s latest doping scandal asked embattled Yankee star Alex Rodriguez for financial help after Major League Baseball filed a lawsuit that alleged he had sold performance-enhancing drugs to Major League Baseball players.

When Rodriguez rebuffed Anthony Bosch’s request for money, believed to be in the hundreds of thousands, the self-styled “biochemist” turned to a strange bedfellow — MLB.

I think this may be the smartest thing ARod has done in quite some time. Can’t pay this guy a red cent if you took steroids from him (which you did), because then you are opening yourself up to legal shit later. A hundred game suspension ruins your baseball legacy even further, but extortion charges and messing with legal investigations is the quickest way to get your contract terminated and end up in jail. Smart move here is to play dumb, see what happens, collect a paycheck, and rehab the hip. Maybe potentially have this guy killed if the opportunity arises. But tossing this guy some cash wasn’t going to make this situation go away.

Really it’s a lose-lose for ARod though. Pretty much the story of his life since joining the Yankees. Either he pays Bosch this hush money and opens himself up to all sorts of personal legal troubles, or he says no and takes down 20 other players with him. Have fun next time you run into Melky and Braun and the gang and tell them you couldn’t fork over a few hundred grand to try and make this all go away.

The Yankees and the rest of the juiceheads needed to get someone to tell Arod to pay this guy off and that it will be just like Louie Dumps – for a drop in the bucket he will never bother you again, and you got off cheap.

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