Draymond Loves That Drake Is Talking Shit From The Sidelines, Very Clearly Has Something Planned For Game 2

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m all in on this Drake talking shit from the sidelines and getting into it with the Warriors. We all saw what happened at the end of Game 1:

Now combine that with Draymond, who is what a ‘fiery’ competitor as people tend to say and we could have the makings of something special. I’m talking about something that could surpass Spike vs Reggie.

Draymond is right though. Drake gets a longer leash as he should. That’s just how the world works when you’re famous. You get to do things that me and you simply aren’t allowed. We just accept that happens and move on. That’s why Draymond agrees with the Raptors of just telling the NBA to fuck off

But let’s not act like there’s more to this. Draymond very clearly has something planned for game 2 if the Warriors win. Hell, even if they lose, Draymond likely has something up his sleeve.

I hope Steph taunts Drake about having a Steph and Durant tattoo. I hope Draymond gets in his face and says something. I hope Klay does something Klay-esque to get under his skin. I hope even Steve Kerr gets up to something. Give me this Warriors vs Drake game within the game.