The Mayor Of Somerville Joe Curtatone Who Appears To Be A Legitimate Criminal Took A Shot At Barstool Sports Over Towelgate

So I’m trying my best to just ignore all the idiots who keep criticizing Barstool Sports, but I couldn’t ignore this one. The Mayor of Somerville coming from the clouds to pile on. Saying we use the word “sports” to disguise misogyny, racism & general right wing lunacy. Umm buddy what the fuck are you talking about? Well since politicians are basically professional public speakers I figured I’d offer the same challenge to Joe as I do to every single person who makes shit up about us. I offered to publically debate him on all his issues regarding Barstool Sports.

What I didn’t know at the time is that Joe Curtatone appears to be a professional criminal. Like a real life mob boss. Oh you don’t believe me? Look at these headlines….

I mean holy fuck! How is this guy not in prison? This is the grossest abuse of power I’ve ever seen in my life. He is literally holding Somerville hostage at gunpoint. Can’t somebody do something? There is a real crisis in Somerville. Forget debating this guy. We need to arrest him!