Shitfaced Dude Passes Out Laying On Top Of Bridge

Huff Po – A man from Serbia was allegedly so drunk that he missed a bridge’s pedestrian walkway, and instead climbed almost 23 feet up the bridge — about 66 feet above the water below. Then he fell asleep. A YouTube video of the fiasco surfaced Monday, showing the elaborate rescue of “Ivan T.” The video description states that a passersby immediately called authorities when they noticed Ivan passed out, according to a translation by The Huffington Post. It goes on to say that neither the noise of the ambulance sirens nor the gathering of people woke him. Metro News identified the allegedly intoxicated man as 28-year-old Ivan Tolvich. A rescuer told the paper that the operation was “delicate,” and began with firemen placing a safety harness around Tolvich before bringing him down. “The last thing we wanted was to wake him up suddenly because he might fall off,” the rescuer said. Tolvich only came to when they started lowering him to the ground. According to the YouTube video, once he realized what was happening, he thanked everyone for their efforts.

The weirdest place I ever woke shitfaced and blacked out was the 63rd street YMCA on the Upper West Side. Which, all things considered, is probably the best YMCA you could wake up in. But nonetheless I was still pretty disappointed in myself for waking up in a place thats basically only one-half step above a homeless shelter. I brushed my teeth in a Starbucks that morning, went to the Brooks Brothers near the World Trade Center for a new shirt and went to work pretending that I wasn’t a completely worthless piece of shit.

But all of that pales in comparison to waking up half way up the structure of a fucking truss bridge with a Hook and Ladder company dragging your ass down to safety. I mean you gotta be a special sort of annihilated to pass out in such a heavy stupor that you don’t move one fucking millimeter in either direction. Pretty impressive to be honest. More impressive than the fucking Y at least.