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David Cone Tweeting About Getting His Ass Blown Was SOMETHING

A recent trend during Yankees rain outs has been David Cone letting loose on Twitter. It’s awesome. He just doesn’t care about what he says and it’s refreshing. Aside from the GOAT Paul O’Neill, Coney is my favorite regular personality in the YES booth. Last night as the Yankees-Red Sox game was called, he took to Twitter again and talked about getting his ass blown, naturally.

This stems from his new book with Jack Curry ‘Mission 27′ where he tells a story about shitting himself in the middle of a Double A baseball game.

With that consuming Yankees twitter, Coney opened up the flood gates.

We’re just talking about some ass play. Nothing more. Nothing less. Classic Coney.

During the last rain delay/rain out Cone began a following spree and started messaging with seemingly everyone on Yankees Twitter. That led to this gold mine…

COME TO DADDY. Is it possible David Cone thinks Twitter and Tinder are the same thing? Sure, he probably does. I cannot imagine what the guy’s DMs look like. For the foreseeable future David Cone’s twitter is a must-follow when it rains during Yankees games.

Cone, if you’re reading this, we need you on The Short Porch podcast ASAP.