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I Hate This Jackass Hipster Who Gives This Cop A Hard Time When He Asks Him Why He's Walking Around Town With A Gun



I fucking HATE this kid.  This kid is everything that is wrong with America and the world.  Hey dude you’re walking around with a fucking gun. People are calling up the police because you’re walking around town with a fucking gun.    That’s why he stopped you.  I don’t care what your little rulebook says.  This cop has every right to make sure you’re not some psychopath getting ready to shoot people.   The cop wasn’t rude, mean or anything.  He was just doing his job.   Seriously there is nothing I would have loved to seen more than after this hipster doofus quoted some stupid court case the cop just shot him in the dick and walked away.  That would have been sweet justice.   Go hang out at Occupy Wallstreet where you belong you clown.  And the worst part about idiots like these is they’ll be the first ones to run for protection when the shit really hits the fan.   Fuck this asshole.

PS – I think America should create a mini country where anti establishment hippies like this guy can go live.  No rules, no cops, no authority, no nothing.  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.  Let them go create their perfect society.  The only catch is that we put a fence around this land so they can’t re-enter the United States.   See how that turns out.  See how long their little utopia lasts.  We’ll call it Bumville.