NBA Finals Is

Being completely honest 4-7 I am in the MLB hall of fame. I have a win in every column which is a positive but tonight is big. The NBA has not been the nicest to me but this lines screams a lot at me. Who needs anaylsis on why but if you want a small does of it here you go.


Warriors @ Raptors -1.5

The Warriors being underogs means everyone and there mother are on the Warriors. Yes my first instinct was to hammer the Warriors but they might be a little rusty. With no KD that gives Kawhi the option to lock the fuck down on Klay. Which obviously will hurt them. I can see the Raptors winning this game and the Warriors just giving them a gentleman’s sweep. Toronto wants it more so I just have to go with them. The only thing I hate is watching the Warriors and not betting on them because you just know exactly what they can do. They can just score at will and fuck you. Go Raptors


Pick Raptors -1.5  


Angels EV

If I lose the both of these I will be on full tilt and be very upset. So stay positive and #ridewithmush