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This Ben Stokes Catch From The Cricket World Cup Today Is One Of The Greatest Catches You'll Ever See

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As some of you may recall, I’ve been on a quest recently to get into cricket more. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world and I didn’t know a single thing about it, so I figured maybe it was time for that to change. I’ve been checking in here and there, but I’ve still been waiting on that moment that gets me to say “oh fuck yeah, Cricket is the shit”.

That changed today at the Cricket World Cup when Ben Stokes from England pulled in one of the most ridiculous catches you’ll ever see against South Africa.

What a silly, silly snag. Runs it down, lays out, reaches up for the one-handed grab and pulls it in. And yes, I know that we see plenty of ridiculously athletic catches in baseball and football all the time. But those guys are all wearing gloves. You don’t even need to close your hands anymore to catch a football with how sticky some of those receiver gloves are. And obviously a baseball glove is pretty huge. But this right here? This is just a man and his palm. What a freak.