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Harrison Ford Showing Up To "Fix" The Millennium Falcon At The Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Opening Will Fill You With Joy

Man…that’s the good stuff right there.

Some fans will sit here and cry and complain about “fan-service” incessantly. They’ll tell ya that these new Disney Star Wars movies have sucked because they’ve been nothing but fan-service, and that any attempt to rehash nostalgic feelings by a major corporation is pathetic. Not me, though.

I love fan-service like this. I live for it. If I were at Galaxy’s Edge in DisneyLand, and they started doing this cheesy little bit and acting like the Millennium Falcon didn’t work all of a sudden and required somebody with deep, intricate knowledge of the ship to show up and save the day, I’d not only soil my trousers with pre-cum, I’d scream in anticipation of the moment about to happen. Scream. Like this…

Then, Harrison takes the stage, slaps the hunk o’ junk we all love so dearly, and says, “Peter…this one’s for you!” in tribute to the late, great Peter Mayhew?! You kiddin me?! Full waterworks from ya boy.

What a moment. Keep em coming, Disney! I can’t friggin wait to see what Galaxy’s Edge is like in person.