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GLORIA!!! The St. Louis Blues Have Won A Stanley Cup Final Game!

What a night!!!!! The Blues made sure to get #PucksOnNet last night as they outshot the Bruins 37-23 in what was a dominant effort. While everybody was ready to plan the Bruin’s parade after Game 1, I did hear some people on Barstool Radio yesterday saying that the Blues would regroup and have a very different effort in Game 2 and wow do those people sound smart.

The Blues also out hit the Bruins 50-31 in what turned into a pretty physical battle.


If there’s a guy who likes a game with a little bit of spice to it, its the Mayor of Flavortown.


P.S. Grinnelli’s face in this video is one of my favorite reactions ever. Frankie panning over is some Scorcese shit.