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Bigger NBA Finals Asshole: Lining Up 14 Hours Before Game 1 To Watch It Outside Vs $93,000 For Courtside Tickets

I’m sure you’re aware that Game 1 of the NBA Finals is tonight in Toronto. But, we’re not here to talk about the game necessarily. We’re here to talk about the battle between two assholes. Well two groups of assholes I should say.

In one corner we have the outside group – those known as Jurassic Park. A clever name. I’ll give them that. It’s a unique thing. For the last few years Raptors fans have lined up outside to watch the game in Jurassic Park and celebrate. It’s led to some cool moments. But, you’re outside watching a game just standing packed in a crowd.

But, here’s the thing. Lining up 14 hours before the game for a good spot? FUUCCCCKKKKK THAT. I mean just go to a bar. There’s zero chance I’d stand outside for 14 hours unless it’s to see Kentucky beat Alabama to win the SEC which is de facto the college football championship. I’d kill for that. But, really anything else? I don’t know if there’s anything standing outside for 14 hours for.

Then in the other corner you have the guy dropping $93,000 for courtside tickets to game 3 in Oakland. Here’s the thing. I get courtside tickets are expensive, especially in the NBA Finals. But we’re talking about Game 3. That’s not even a closeout game! You’re just watching a Finals game.

Mostly you’re just an asshole for having Rovell tweeting about how much money you’re spending on tickets. But, you get all the benefits.

So here’s my vote: Jurassic Park. If you’re standing outside for 14 hours you are a gigantic asshole. The courtside tickets are just rich people. I’m more jealous that I can’t pull that move so I’m lashing out a bit. But, standing outside for 14 hours? Man, there’s nothing that can be worse than that.

Spare me the whole they are being fans, great fans, etc. You can be a great fan sitting inside at a bar with other Raptors fans. You can be a great fan sitting at home or having a watch party. Hell you can be a great fan showing up at tip off to stand outside. The moral of the story is don’t stand outside that long to watch a game in a cramped area on a big screen.