JPP's Back Surgery Adds Another Question Mark For The Giants


NewsdayJason Pierre-Paul underwent successful back surgery Tuesday morning to repair a herniated disc in his lower back. JPP’s anticipated rehabilitation is approximately 12 weeks. “My back has been bothering me for a while, and even last season I played through some back issues,” Pierre-Paul said. “The treatment I’ve been doing has helped manage the issue, but this procedure is going to get me fully healthy and there should be no more pain. I’m going to do everything the doctors tell me to do during my rehab so I can be back playing the game I love at a high level as quickly as possible.” After a monster 2011 season in which he had 16.5 sacks — good for fourth in the league — JPP’s numbers dipped dramatically in 2012 to just 6.5 sacks. “Jason has been experiencing lower back pain that past couple months,” said Ronnie Barnes, Giants Sr. Vice President of Medical Services. “He has managed the discomfort with treatment and core strengthening exercises. Last week, he was examined by Drs. Russell Warren and Frank Cammisa at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Both felt this procedure was the most prudent course of action. Dr. Watkins, after examining Jason yesterday, agreed. We expect a full and complete recovery.”

Zero progress on the Victor Cruz contract front. Hakeem Nicks is MIA from OTA’s and nobody knows why, even though reports say he told the team he wasn’t gonna be there. Now, JPP’s gone under the knife and, in a perfect world, should be fully recovered by Week 1. “Should be” – but I wouldn’t bank on it. He’s the type of talent who, at 100%, is a game-changer. So let him take his time to get there while we get looks at Ojomo & Damontre’ Moore. Still, he’s just another important piece to Big Blue’s supposed bounce-back season with a question mark. Individually, they’re not big deals (yet) – but collectively, they’re adding up. These three are expected to be the few reliable fixtures on a squad with a lot to prove on defense & a running game that’s got big hopes but little experience. Don’t forget that Hynoceros tore his MCL on the first day of OTA’s & is doubtful to be blocking for Wilson/Brown by September. Yeah, I know it’s barely June, but I prefer my G-Men off-seasons silent.