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The Girl In The Green Dress Is Burning Down Boston.Com Today

(Picture from

From left: Meghan Kluth of Chicago, Jackie Burnbaum of Boston, Natasha Port of New York, Elizabeth Sleeper of Nashville, Elizabeth Frolin of Boston, and Vera Papiisova of Boston


So this girl Natasha Port from BU has taken the world by storm today.   She’s on the front page of  A certified 10.  It actually had me questioning myself.   Like how could I not know who this girl is?  How could somebody this hot be sneaking around the chicken coup right under my nose?    How has she not been a smokeshow? So naturally I went out and tried to smokeshow her.   Turns out she’s already turned it down 3 times starting way back in 2010.  Kind of a turnoff right?  Who doesn’t want to be smoked?  I mean when you look like her don’t you have a debt to society to share the hotness? Either way  it actually made me feel much better about myself knowing I tried.  I’m sorry Natasha but you can’t just expect to burn down the front page of and not have people take notice.