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2 Years Later The Avengers Video Game May Finally Be Ready And PLEASE LET THIS BE GOOD


You’re trying to figure out what to do with that massive erection. It won’t be going away, not anytime soon. But we do need to chat about a few things before we RE-

There was an idea, 2 years ago, to bring together the video game ensemble every Marvel fan deserves. Something more thrilling than LEGO adventures, something more than just Spider-Man & X-Men, something meatier than Ultimate Alliance 1, 2, & 3. Well now it’s here… maybe.

There’s ZERO information about this “Avengers” out so far. No character leaks, no storylines, player modes, online gameplay, whether it’s in the MCU or not, nothing. But we find out if the Avengers Project is worth a damn June 10th at E3.

I have all the hope in the world for this game and am blindly putting faith in the Marvel engine for knowing they can’t fuck up the brand with a flop. To unravel every beautiful thread my dog Toney Stark and the Avengers have woven would be the dumbest move of all time, especially after dominating ALL phases of the known universe with Endgame. They’re not stupid. This isn’t DC we’re talking about here.

Square Enix has plenty of power stones under their belt between Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Batman: Arkham Asylum and more, so the credentials are there. It’s gonna be a near impossible task to deliver something this huge with so many past successes to live up to, but let’s just cross all our fingers and toes shall we? I’ll still take a 14,000,605:1 shot even after these years of waiting.

Pardons all around for anyone that disagrees. And cheeseburgers for my dogs.