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The Blues WAGs Are On A Plane To Boston And I've Never Felt More Confident

Uh oh… the Blues wives and girlfriends are on the PJ to Boston as we speak. That is BAD NEWS for Bruins fans. Its one thing to play in a road barn with hostile fans screaming at you, and it is a whole nother thing when you got your old lady making a trip specifically to watch you play. This ain’t St. Charles to Kirkwood either, this is 2,000+ miles roundtrip. If theres one thing I know about girls, its that they do not want to go out of their way and do something for nothing in return. The boys are going to be FIRING tonight to make sure their girls’ trips are not wasted. I know. You know it.

Everybody who has played even high school sports knows that it didn’t matter how many people were there, if the girl you had a crush on was in the building, you were going to ball out. That’s just a fact folks.