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MUST WATCH: Elementary School Goes Apeshit To Lil Nas X Performing Old Town Road


Anyone who’s not along for the ride of this song is getting STEAMROLLED right now. This is one of the funniest visuals you’ll ever see. Watching a group of elementary school kids scream about having “Lean all in their bladder” is hysterical. I mean look at these elementary school kids RAGING to Old Town Road! They’re going berserk. Absolutely apeshit. Screaming every single word of that song themselves to the point Lil Nas X could have just stood on stage without even opening his mouth. The second that beat dropped they all blacked out in harmonic joy. Truly incredible.

Just when you think the momentum of this song is starting to die off, you see something like this that shows you just how alive it is. Lil Nas X and Old Town Road are on the heater that idk if a song has ever seen before. It’s past being just a song OTR is a god damn movement at this point. It has 6 of the 8 biggest US streaming weeks of ALL-TIME. That stat is absolutely bonkers. The biggest song that’s come out by far since streaming even became a thing.


For all those who will predictably comment or think “Our society is fucked”. No it isn’t. It’s music. Music is a generational thing. Your parents probably don’t like your music and there is a damn good chance you don’t/won’t like your kids music either. That’s just the way life is. This song is a BANGER. Deal with it.