Scientists Officially Pinpoint Mailtime As 2:55pm - The Most Unproductive Time Of Day

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Metro – Mid-afternoon is the least productive time of day for office workers, a new poll has revealed. Researchers said 2.55pm was when most workers hit their post-lunch lull with many succumbing to the attractions of Facebook and Twitter. Others said it is the time they are most likely to start planning their evenings. Many people questioned by the study, which was conducted by property experts, admitted that they could only motivate themselves with a strong cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate. Michael Davies, from, which questioned more than 400 workers, said: ‘We all have peaks and troughs when it comes to our levels of productivity, but the trick is to maintain a steady work level rather than swing between extremes. ‘Often if people have a burst of energy and get a shed load of work done in one hour, they maybe underperform for the next two.’  At the other end of the spectrum, 10.26am was cited as the most productive time of day. The second best time of the day was 4.16pm when people said they are rushing to finish for the day.

Mailtime! 2:55pm on the button. Makes perfect sense. You eat lunch from anywhere between 12-2pm. Once you’re done, you do about an hour worth of work. Then right before 3pm, at 2:55, you’re just like “Fuck this I’m done.” Basically theres really only 2 hours you work when you’re in full blown Mailtime Mode. The hour before lunch and the hour after. Early in the morning you don’t do shit because you’re either too tired, hungover, or flat out not interested. Bang out some shit before you eat. Bang out some shit after you eat. And spend the final 2, 3 hours doing absolutely nothing. A 40 hour workweek is, in reality, about 10 hours of work.

And fuck that 4:16pm spike in activity. That is for overachieving assholes. Anything after 4pm falls into “I’ll do that tomorrow morning” territory. If you’re truly mailtiming, there’s no returning to productivity after the 2:55pm whistle. Once you shut it down there’s no gearing back up. Just wait for 10:26am the next morning. #MailTime