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It's About Time Us Dudes Finally Get To Show Off Those Hockey Asses During The Summer

Effin’ A, boys. Effin’ A.

It’s been a long time coming but our moment is finally here. It’s time for us to start showing off those hockey asses allllllllll summer ’19. Chicks have been flaunting their asses since the dawn of time. Not sure if you’ve ever been on this thing called Instagram before but it’s 93% booty pics. But what about us guys who have some meaty glutes? We’re supposed to just keep them hidden behind a wall of fabric all summer long? We’re not allowed to put that wagon on display for the whole world to see? Why? Because of some ridiculously outdated gender stereotypes? Get outta here with that nonsense.

Now I’m not saying that every guy should be allowed to rock a pair of shorts like this. We all have those friends who have never even looked at a squat rack before. We all have those friends who look like they have a 2×4 going down from their lower back to the back of their knees. But for the meaty glute boiz? Especially those of us who spent a decent amount of our lives playing hockey and thus reaping the lower body benefits from all that skating? Flaunt that ass with a pair of cutoffs so high that your nutsack is hanging out next to the pocket. Not only are you going to look great, but just think about the range of motion you’ll have all summer as well.