Jets Facebook Post Went Swimmingly

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New York Jets – 1st and Goal, Jets fans. Whats your play call?

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Almost 5,000 comments on this post now and some real gems in there. How does anyone involved with social media for the Jets think this is a good idea? Like I know you’re not gonna hop on the Jets official Facebook Page and see shit like “Remember that time Sanchez rammed his head up his own teammates asshole?” but this is just as bad. Just treating fans like a bunch of goddam idiots. And I’ll tell you who’s the worst of all in this situation – the people taking it seriously. “Hitch to Holmes or hand off to Ivory!” “Fake the handoff to Lowell and hit Holmes in the corner.” Who are these assholes? Actually putting in their 2 cents like there’s some sort of play calling that can save this disaster of a team.

And lets be serious with this “1st and Goal” nonsense. I don’t think I even know what that means anymore. Lets take this one step at a time. “We’re through 3 quarters of play and your team hasn’t crossed the 50 yet. Whats your game plan, Jets fans!”

By the way, the winner is “Take Sanchez out of the game and try anything with anyone other than him.”