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And the Pussification of America Continues - Dad Who Was Unhappy With Kid's Playing Time Hires PI To Dig Up Dirt On Basketball Coach And Gets Him Fired For Swearing In A Movie 10 Years Ago


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Some dad was pissed about his twin sons treatment by coach so he hires a PI and the dirt they get is some skit he did 10 years ago..please expose this dueche

Here is a link to the article

The Hour – Mike Hvizdo should be coaching on Saturday, plain and simple. But he won’t be. A little more than two weeks ago, Officially, for now, word is that because more than a decade ago, Hvizdo was a featured player in a movie short titled “Forbidden Fruit,” a raunchy nine-minute comedy film which included plenty of vulgar language and a sexually graphic theme (but no nudity), the powers that be at Weston High School decided there was no way Hvizdo could lead young men anymore.

To anybody on the outside looking in, of course, this entire incident reeks of nothing short of a modern day witch hunt. And, of course, this is the United States of America in the Year 2013, so you know where it all starts — the disgruntled parent. As reported in The Weston Forum newspaper, “a general consensus among the school basketball community was that a parent brought the issue to the school’s attention.”According to multiple sources with connections to the Weston High athletic program, this parent(s) was upset with the way their son was being treated as a WHS basketball player, and the inquiry into Hvizdo’s’ past was nothing more than a blatant attack with the sole goal of getting the coach removed. The disgruntled parent(s) reportedly didn’t want to approach Weston athletic director Mark Berkowitz for fear that nothing would be done. Instead, they bypassed the chain of command and instead sent an e-mail to those higher up than the athletic wing.

As for the movie itself, one thing must be said. This is not some random stupid amateur movie that Hvizdo did in college, something that was placed on YouTube and lost until somebody could find it and then use it to attack him in the future. Hvizdo dabbled in acting in his 20s and both the coach and the movie in question can be found easily on — the International Movie Data Base. The film was directed by Steve Moremarco, a graduate of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Moremarco has worked on films, including “School of Rock” starring Jack Black and Miranda Cosgrove, and television shows like “Everybody Hates Chris” and the former NBC hit show “ER.”

To the credit of the guy who wrote this article he basically said everything I would have said. Just crucified the school for being cowards and he’s obviously right. This is a new low even for school administrators. I mean parents hiring a PI to dig up dirt on a coach because they are unhappy with little Johnny’s playing time? And then the school firing him because he was in a movie 10 years ago which appears to be a legit attempt to be an actor? That makes sense. My only confusion with this story is why this family even bothered wasting money with the Private investigator? After all it’s a known fact that parents can anonymously complain about a coach nowadays and instantly get him fired without cause. You don’t need a reason. You don’t need to make shit up. Schools have a zero tolerance policy against complaints. IE if one kid on the team thinks he should be the starting point guard and he’s not the coach can get fired. I wish I was exaggerating but I’m not. Every kid has to be 100% happy with everything or else the coach isn’t doing his job. To quote Don King…Only in America.

PS – I know I publish like 5 Pussification of America stories per day.  I know it probably gets old.  Guess what?  I don’t care.  Because wherever there is injustice, you will find me. Wherever there is pussification, I’ll be there. Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find… Davey Pageviews!