Apparently One of Chris Farley's Funniest Sketches Is Owned By Portuguese Kids

The main reason for this blog is just to share this Chris Farley sketch. His transition from happy restaurant patron to full blown lunatic is a piece of art and birthed one of the greatest GIFs of all time.

Not sure if it’s actually “so rare” as apparently it’s on his “SNL Best Of” DVD but I couldn’t find it on youtube so that’s rare enough in my book. Luckily, I was able to track it down on good ole This sketch never fails to make me laugh so I figured I’d post it on twitter and facebook to spread some smiles on memorial day. That’s when facebook sends me one of the wildest notifications I’ve received in my life.


Now I have no idea who owns this clip, probably SNL if I had to take an educated guess. I sure as hell don’t. But you know who also has ZERO right to claim ownership of this clip. Fucking Portuguese kids. Now I have no problem with Portuguese kids.  What I do have a problem with though is trying to take credit for the work of one of our generation’s comedic geniuses. If these Portuguese kids come from poor families and need a few bucks I’d be happy to shoot them over a venmo so they can buy new shoes and textbooks, but keep the late great Chris Farley out of this #YOUSONUVABITCH.