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Part Of RJ Hampton's Pitch From The Breakers Was The Power Of Barstool Plus He Tells Barstool YAK He Knew He Was Skipping College A Month Ago

So RJ Hampton was in the office and on YAK today, no big deal. Just the No. 5 overall recruit and a top-10 projected pick in next year’s NBA Draft on the biggest day of his prep life stopping in. In case you missed it, he decided to skip college and play for the New Zealand Breakers instead.

Also in the office is Matt Walsh – an owner of the New Zealand Breakers. Now, you may sit here and wonder why RJ Hampton would join a New Zealand team that has a Barstool logo on its jersey?

Well, that’s just it. Walsh said part of the pitch to Hampton was the fact that he’d have buzz all year because of us. We are that important of a brand that we can help influence a major decision. I mean it makes sense. Look at what Dave does for pizza. Look at what Big Cat does when he makes an appearance. Combine that with hoops? Bam, no brainer.


Not only that but he knew he was going to skip college and play for the Breakers over a month ago. That’s INSANE to me. Just the fact that he was able to keep it under wraps, there was really no talk of him joining the Breakers until this morning. In a world where everything seems to be leaked, the fact this didn’t is just insane.

I highly suggest watching the entire video. Hampton is a unique dude. He’s open about his thought process of joining the Breakers, skipping college and how he’d join the NBA right away if he could.

Pretty impressive to do that in front of two bosses.

Confirmed PFT and Big Cat can out recruit Bill Self: