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The All-Winners Cast For Survivor Season 40 Has Been Leaked


Graphic and info via Martin Holmes and Inside Survivor

If you don’t want to have the cast spoiled for you, do NOT read on. CBS will likely officially announce the cast in January. 


Alright, figured you couldn’t resist. As I blogged about a few weeks ago, Survivor Season 40 will be all-winners. I picked out 9 men and 9 women as my dream winner cast. Well the “official” cast has been leaked, and we’re getting a full 20 castaways.

Now I say “official” because this is not from CBS. For those that don’t know, Martin Holmes is a well-known Survivor “spoiler.” He doesn’t spoil the boot order or winners, but he gets the info and cast on upcoming seasons well in advance. Some people believe he’s a plug by CBS to build anticipation for future seasons. Whatever the case may be, he always nails his shit so we can trust that this is legit.

I saw this last weekend and considered not blogging it in case people didn’t want to know (or in case CBS casting gets mad at me and doesn’t pick me for the show), but whatever I’m a bad boy.

So without further ado, here’s who we will have on Season 40 airing in the spring of 2020. Again, all pictures and info come from this post on Inside Survivor.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.44.30 PM

-I am SHOCKED that Amber is back. Why? Well spoiler for later in the blog: Boston Rob is back too!!! We are getting a married couple out on the island in a non-Blood vs. Water season. This will obviously put huge targets on their backs, but it’ll be a fun dynamic to watch. Also, with Boston Rob being an advisor for Season 39, he’s basically gone for 3 months. Who is watching their kids when Amber goes out to the island too?!? I am worried, but I’m sure they have it figured out.

-Danni and Denise are both under-the-radar winners that I’m excited to see back for a second run. I’d put both high up on the list of possible winners.

-Kim played maybe the most dominant game in Survivor history. She will have a ginormous target and could be an early boot, but she’s so damn charming and good at this game that it may not matter.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.49.18 PM

-Michelle and Natalie are in the same category as Denise and Danni for me. Under-the-radar women usually perform very well in returnee/All-Star seasons (Amber, Sandra, Sarah). Also especially excited to have Natalie back after recently learning that she’s a fellow Fordham Ram.

-Parvati and Sandra are very much not under-the-radar at this point, as they are the two most legendary female players in Survivor history. Both will be early targets, but you can never count them out. Will Sandra be the first three-time winner or will we get our second two-time winner?

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.53.03 PM

-Sarah will have a hard time repeating her Game Changers performance with her no longer being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

-Sophie is one of the most boring winners in history but another person that could make a deep run.

-I liked Adam during his season, but not sure he’s someone I need to see back. Not mad about it though.

-Ben is someone I’m mad to see back. He’s one of my least favorite winners. He’s a very new-school winner who was massively helped by advantages. I figured either him or Mike Holloway would be back though as they were popular amongst casual fans. Would’ve preferred Mike, but I’m just glad it’s not both.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.59.25 PM

-Pumped to see Ethan back. Love that we’re getting some old-school people in the mix.

-Jeremy is an exciting and dominant player. A big threat but like Kim, they’re so good that I still would never count them out.

-Nick and Adam are the same to me. Don’t think we need both back, but again not mad about it.

-And again Boston Rob being back with Amber is crazy but awesome. Can’t have a legends season without Boston Rob. (Even though I was very Team Russell in HvV).

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.02.46 PM

-Now this is a star-studded row, starting with Tony. Him and Russell are my two favorite players ever. Tony’s performance in Season 28 is as entertaining as it gets. He was over-aggressive in his first returning season during Game Changers, so let’s hope he’s learned from his mistakes. Wonder if he will take Russell’s place as Boston Rob’s top rival.

-Tyson is a Survivor legend, first for his humor but then for his dominant win in Blood Vs. Water. He will add entertainment.

-Wendell played a quiet but great game in Ghost Island. I wonder how people will treat him this time around. He’s a potential winner.

-YUL. IS. BACK. Survivor superfans have longed for his return for years. He was aided by the “super idol” in Cook Islands but still put a together a dominant game in all three facets – social, strategic, physical.

Overall, I’m pretty pumped for this cast. It could be better, yes. I really really really wanted Richard Hatch. I wish in general we had a few more old-school winners (Earl, Todd, Brian) as opposed to the new-school males like Ben, Adam, Nick, but I’m just being picky. I think they nailed the female cast, although I would’ve preferred Tina/Jenna to Sophie/Michelle.

The worst part? We’re NINE MONTHS AWAY. The anticipation is already getting to me.

PS: Gun to head way-too-early winner pick? Michelle