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Some Thoughts On Memorial Day

The Zero Blog Thirty squad wrapped up our week today. We spent the last week in Washington DC talking to Congressmen and other leaders about issues that surround veterans. After we were done in DC, we headed down to Charlotte for Nascar’s Salute to Service weekend where the folks at Nascar honor 600 service men and women who gave their lives in service to the country.

One of those honored was David Sonka. David was a K9 handler with the Marine Corps elite unit MARSOC. 6 years ago, David lost his life in Afghanistan.

I trained David at k9 school and shortly after he was killed, I met his young wife Torey. When I met Torey, she was only 23 years old. This week, I got to catch up with Torey after all this time and see how she’s doing. She was brave enough to come on Zero Blog Thirty and explain her experiences. She talks about their love for each other, getting the notification about David’s death, the struggle of having so many responsibilities thrust on her, and how she’s picked up the pieces over the last 6 years.


You can listen to that here.

Torey also got to come down to the race and spend the weekend with us. It was really great getting to catch up with her and to be able to walk her down to show her the pace car with David’s name on it.

To all those families Gold Star families out there, we are thinking about you today. To all those veterans who lost their battle buddies, we are thinking about you today. To all those who lost a friend fighting in a war, we are thinking about you today.

Til Valhalla, brothers and sisters. Fair winds and following seas.