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Kit Harington Broke Into Tears When He Found Out The Ending To Game Of Thrones

HBO is airing their two hour documentary on the final season of GAME OF THRONES right now. Something I completely forgot was happening until this video came across my internet desk. But boy oh boy was there more drama and emotion in this one clip than I felt throughout the majority of this final season. Especially out of Kit Harington, I had no clue he possessed this type of range. And I don’t think he was faking it in the slightest. He couldn’t believe it. Taken aback like you read about. Waterworks in abundance. Sophie Turner? Laughing in his George Constanza ass face without hesitation. Emilia Clarke? Doing that eyebrow-raised, squinting laugh that appears to be her default emotion to anything and everything.

Also, that’s not where GAME OF THRONES ended at all what are you talking about there was a smooth 45 minutes left in that episode when that scene took place. Did they initially end the show there and then forgot they had to pick a winner? Is that what happened? Cause it would explain a lot. But shots of table reads are so cool to me. I would watch documentaries like this of even mediocre shows. Just seeing behind behind the scenes and the real human beings behind the characters reaction to the scripts for the first time is cool as hell. Like when they found out Arya would kill the Night King?


Cool as hell. Feed me one of these types of documentaries for every show ever moving forward please and thank you. I don’t know who is in charge of getting something like that going but I assume he or she is reading this right now. Happy Memorial Day, pal.