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This Game Is Do Or Die For Me And The Bucks

I spent my Friday night watching the New York Liberty rip my heart out. This summer betting is already getting out of hand and I am down this week. This game is big and I really think I figured it out. This is the first time something has clicked in my head in a real long time.


Bucks @ Raptors -1

The line has been moving towards the Bucks but hear me out. In the first four games of this series the home teams have won all the games and this past games the Raptors won in Milwaukee. So it only makes sense that the Bucks win this game. It will take it to game 7 and nobody is going to know what the fuck is going to happen. Giannis has to overcome Kawhi tonight and Drake is more of a mush than me so it all just makes perfect sense.


Pick Bucks +1 

I am close to maxing out so send some positive Vibes and #Ridewithmush