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NFL Players To Race In A 40-Yard Dash Tournament To Determine The Fastest Man In Football

 Almost two dozen current NFL players are set to race each other in an upcoming 40-yard dash tournament to determine the fastest man in professional football.

The 40-yard dash tournament is set to feature offensive and defensive divisions, with the winners of each facing off in a championship. A tourney venue is scheduled to be announced at a later date, but opening-round matchups will be announced by 40 Yards of Gold starting May 26.

Well, Ted Ginn said that he’d race anyone for $10,000 because he’s the fastest man in the NFL, and now he has his chance to prove it. Apparently this is all going to go down in one night on June 29th, which will make this a must-watch event on a boring sports night in the summer. There’s something special about watching the fastest people in the world run head to head, and this time we’ll actually know more than one or two names.  But I’ll be honest….something seems a little odd about this whole event. I mean, the “40 Yards of Gold” twitter handle only has 380 followers, but they supposedly have commitments from some pretty big names within the NFL.

Among the scheduled participants, as teased by 40 Yards of Gold:

  • New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara
  • Saints WR Ted Ginn Jr.
  • Chicago Bears RB Tarik Cohen
  • New York Jets WR Robby Anderson
  • Baltimore Ravens RB Mark Ingram
  • Former Oakland Raiders WR Jacoby Ford
  • Former Cleveland Browns WR Corey Coleman
  • Minnesota Vikings CB Trae Waynes
  • Washington Redskins CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
  • Arizona Cardinals S Budda Baker
  • Tennessee Titans S Kevin Byard

Well I’m not sure who’s going to win, but I can tell you who’s going to finish last. Is Mark Ingram serious??? This isn’t going to be a goal line carry contest, buddy. This is for the burners. Out of that crew, I gotta ride with my guy from Ohio State, Ted Ginn. Even though Robby Anderson (4.36), Trae Waynes (4.31), and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (4.33) all ran faster times than his 4.37 at the combine. But it’s not simply one race to see who’s the fastest. These guys are getting seeded via a fan vote and then placed into the bracket, which is separated by offense and defense, to run through the gauntlet that night.



I like this. I like this a lot. And the 40 Yards of Gold group is saying that they have two “mystery contestants” still yet to be announced. You can’t announce that and then come without a big name, so I’m excited to hear who they got. It’s a shame that Cam Newton is working back from a shoulder injury so we can’t see where he stacks up. And it’s also a shame that Tyreek Hill is such an asshole that he has to lay low due to the ongoing investigation into allegations of abuse and neglect in his family. Because that dude would be electric in this.