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The Ultimate Lax Bro Taking You Into Memorial Day Weekend

Grab your spoons and let’s have ourselves weekend, boys. MDW is for the laxers. And just remember–the DI level never stops. See you beauties at the Linc.

P.S. – True story here. I tried as hard as I could to get Brantford Winstonworth on the podcast. I was in contact with a few people who are pretty close to him, but apparently he has been trying to put the whole “Ultimate Lax Bro” thing behind him and doesn’t want to bring it back anytime soon. He’s doing some sort of tech thing in San Francisco now though, in case you were wondering what he’s up to these days. I’ll probably try again to get him on just in case he changes his mind. But yeah, unfortunately I don’t think it’ll ever happen. So pour one out for the ULB. What a legend.