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MTV True Life: I Have A Summer Share Featuring Tommy Cheeseballs Gets Us Hyped For Memorial Day Weekend

Blogger’s Note: With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, I will be running my annual Tommy Cheeseballs blog to kick off the summer followed by re-running on Labor Day to end the summer. I figure it’s the perfect video to get people in the cubes through this weird workday that is hopefully a half day at most. You can pause it whenever you have stuff to do and then restart it whenever needed to help run out the last few hours of this work week before jumping into the first summer weekend of the year

Forget the Summer Solstice or the last day of school. You know that summer has unofficially arrived once you see that white Kangol hat and Cowboys garbage can.

For the people that know about the legend of Tommy Cheeseballs, enjoy this classic video. For the young’ns that don’t, Tommy and his friends were the world’s introduction to the Jersey Shore long before phrases like Snooki, The Situation, and Gym/Tan/Laundry came into our lives. This episode of True Life is packed to the gills with unintentional comedy, intentional comedy, banger throwback songs, and quotes that will never ever die.

So load up on your cheeseballs and steak sangwiches to usher in the beginning of summer AKA #CheeseballsSZN by watching the super relatable story of Tommy Cheeseball try to find love in the romantic capital of the world: Seaside Heights, NJ

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everybody.


Also to the Stoolie that hit me up on Twitter and said they know Tommy personally, please do so again as I cannot find your tweet/DM because I am a big dumb idiot.