Aaron Rodgers Was Being a Great Teammate, If You Don't Think He Can Chug a Beer Then Go Fuck Yourself

Yes, this is the fourth Aaron Rodgers beer chugging blog tonight, I realize. Obviously the Bears anti-Rodgers brigade had to chime in with their take and that’s expected. The take I’m upset about it is Liz, saying Rodgers is a bad chugger. I mean what are we doing here? Whose side are you on? Did you watch the video?

If you don’t see this as Aaron Rodgers being a great teammate then I don’t know what you’re looking at. It’s so clearly set up for Bak, the man who has chugged beers at every single Bucks game, to get the crowd nuts for the game. Rodgers took the fall for his guy and pretended to half-ass a chug for his offensive tackle. The camera was so ready to go back to Bak to get his second chug in. That’s Rodgers letting his offensive lineman get the spotlight for a change. Aaron Rodgers isn’t a bad chugger. He’s an A+ teammate. He’s also saving those calories so he can be the best version of himself possible in the upcoming season. We can’t be downing nine beers at a Bucks game if the plan is another MVP season.

If you don’t think Aaron Rodgers can chug a beer you are actually outside of your mind. That’s Aaron Fucking Rodgers.