Wake Up With The Best Of Mark McGwire And Jose Canseco, The Bash Brothers

As Jerry Thornton wrote yesterday, Lonely Island did the damn thing again with their 30 minute music video thing on Netflix called "The Bash Brothers Experience". It's fantastic. It's magical. It's classic Lonely Island. I really enjoyed it and thought it was very well done. Watching that special reminded me of how awesome it was to watch those two juice heads hit the piss out of baseballs. Everyone and their mother knew they were roided out of their mind and no one gave a shit. McGwire had a neck that looked like a roast beef and arms the size of telephone poles. Canseco is a walking muscle and may be the biggest bozo on the planet, but man could he swing it. I'm making this stat up but he has the most upper deck homers by any player ever. Some of these homers are insanely far, absolute bombs. This is a nice 20 minute video to kill some time on the Friday before Memorial Day, so hit the bathroom, throw this video on and make it through the day, then tonight go home and watch "The Bash Brothers Experience", you won't regret it.
Here is a little taste