Barstool NYC Comments Of The Week

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It was a short week and you guys spent the whole time complaining, so lets cut right to the funny ones:

Blog: US Sailor Allegedly Caught Taking Upskirt Pictures Of Girls In Japan – Commenter – Cantgetthestinkout – “Could have been worse, he could have jerked off onto a news anchor’s face.” – Two tremendous Asian traditions right here. Sexually assaulting girls on public transportation and news anchor bukkake. The chicks who just continue reading the news like they aren’t getting showered with semen deserve an Asian Oscar

Blog: Apparently It’s Illegal To Beat Off With Your Buddies In The Woods. Commenter – the kurgan. “Sounds like they were playing fastest gun in the west. It’s a staring contest but the winner is who ever can get there dick hard first. Anything goes only rule is you cant break eye contact.It’s a game of pure concentration.” The main goal of internet commenting is to be funny. But the secondary goal is to say something that genuinely moves me. Like it takes a lot to talk about some gay shit that makes me be like “Holy shit thats fucking gay.” I feel like I’ve heard it all. But two dudes staring each other down playing Fastest Gun In The West is probably gayest thing I’ve ever heard.

Brutally Racist Comment Of The Week:

Blog: Jurassic Park Wedding Photo. Commenter: martymcsorley77 – “they can all lie in a pile and do schindler’s list next” Absolutely brutal. Personally I liked the most upvoted comment of that blog, Sir-Smoke-A-Lot’s “Photoshopped for sure.” better, but a few people seemed to think this was the comment of the year so here you go.

Kinda Funny Racist Comment Of the Week:

Blog – Chris Christie Teaches Obama How To Toss The Pigskin – Commenter: Samuelethan96 – “everyone knows that blacks can’t play quarterback” Hey Mr. President you need a high IQ, strong pocket presence, and an accurate arm to hit your target. There’s no scrambling on for a first down or using your legs on the boardwalk.

Blog: Its A Top 5 Worst Morning Of The Year…But At Least You’re Not This Little Chinese Baby Stuck In Sewer Pipes. This was easily your funniest comments of the week. And it was the first blog on Tuesday after the weekend. Came in hot but peaked early. Top 3 comments:

3) Commenter: Animalman. “Trying to get the pipe?”

2) Commenter: CantGetRight – “he was looking for meat to serve at his parents restaurant”

and with the comment of the week….

1) Commenter: Horatio Cornblower – “That pipe goes directly to a seat at the iPhone factory”

Quit complaining for next week. You’re all a lot funnier when you’re not whining crybabies.