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The Gambling Gods Will Be On My Side

This is the worst thing to happen to me. We have this great numbers account now but I never keep my record because it isn’t fun seeing how much money you are actually losing. I am content with lying to myself on how much I lose. I am in a bad spot right now as I am losing everything again but this is where I turn it around because my record is pubic knowledge.


Bucks -7.5 @ Raptors

This is where my dumb brain actually goes to take the Bucks because that is just way too many points. The Raptors just beat them 2 games pretty easily and now get 7 points. This game is going to be close, I think this series goes 7 and the Bucks win it but its too many points tonight.

Pick Raptors +7.5

It sucks that the Astros are pretty much only other thing to bet tonight and it is a fishy line. RIDEWITHMUSH