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Judge Rules To Unseal The Jussie Smollett Criminal Files Because He Wouldn't Shut Up About The Case


Just an absolute Power Move from Judge Watkins to basically say there’s no reason to honor privacy because Jussie can’t shut the fuck up. It would be impossible for me to find better logic than this

Hovever, that isn’t the case. The Defendnat voluntarily appeared on national television for an interview speaking about the incident in detail. After the March 26 dismissal, he voluntarily stood in front of cameras from numerous news organizations in the courthouse lobby and spoke about the case. On several occasions, attorneys for defendant, presumably with his authorization, appeared on various media outlets speaking about the case. These are not the actions of a person seeking to maintain his privacy or simply be left alone. While the court appreciates that the defendant was in the public eye before the events that precipitated this case, it was not necessary for him to address this so publicly into such an extent. I doing so, the court cannot credit his privacy interests is good cost keep case records sealed.

I mean you really couldn’t find better news heading into Memorial Day weekend if you tried. It’s 70 and sunny with a slight breeze. The Cubs are in first place (currently losing, whatever). Summer is finally here and there’s a good chance a number of you might have decent sex this weekend and remember it. All good things to get excited about no doubt but nothing compared to the Jussie Smollett records falling into our collective hands.

Here’s why and I’ll keep it simple:

Jussie Smollett is a piece of shit.

Reason #2 – I’m just like any other American in that I crave justice. Some would even call it an insatiable thirst. So even though our elected officials completely and totally sucked this one up from the beginning, it’s nice knowing we’ll get a chance to go scorched Earth with irrefutable evidence. Not that it’s stopped us anyways, but this should be a nail in his career coffin that everyone gets to hammer in. So yeah I guess I’m a little jacked up I get to be apart of his ultimate demise. Sue me.

Reason #4- for all you legal students out there, I had a guy in the court room. Apparently Judge Watkins flexed pretty hard today in court. I had a source on the scene texting me a bunch of legal jargon and shit. Big takeaway is Smollett was arguing that his employment interests were too high meaning he knows he’d be out of work if it got unsealed and Judge Watkins basically Jay Cutler’d the shit out of him

jay-cutler-doesnt-careLast question – is it better if he went to prison but got to work again? or is it better for him not to go to prison and never get any more work? I ask because everyone was really pissed when they let him off. But now it seems like he will be shunned to the island of Naath with Greyworm and the Unsullied. I think that’s worse but I’ve never been to prison. Only jail and it was meh.