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And the Pussification of America Continues: The Onion Apologizes For Calling That Little Girl A Cunt




So the Onion has now officially apologized for calling that little girl from the Oscars a cunt.  Maybe I’m off on this one. Maybe it’s because I call little kids dickheads, cocks, cunts and bitches all the time, but I can’t believe the Onion actually apologized here. That’s some pussy shit. Like who took this tweet seriously? It’s the Onion for christ sakes. Obviously they were trying to be funny. Anybody who couldn’t tell that the intent was to make people laugh needs their head examined. It doesn’t matter whether the joke works or not. It’s the fact it was meant as a joke. I just don’t know how anybody could legit be offended by this. The chick was on the red carpet at the Oscars. She’s fair game for shit like that. That’s how it works.  Move on. Seriously it’s a sad day when a company whose entire premise is fake news gets in trouble for making a joke on twitter.

Oh well. It looks like we’re officially carrying the Anti PC flag by ourselves. That’s the good thing about Sales guy not selling any ads or having to worry about having a boss or corporate imagine. We never have fake forced apologies because of public opinion. We say what we want and if you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself. That’s the way it should be for everybody. Enough of this fake apology bullshit.

PS – This is the part when all the asshole commentators say I apologized for Howitzer Gate. No I didn’t. I never apologized for that. I got threatened by the cops that they’d make my life hell if I didn’t take the post down. That’s being a different type of pussy. But I didn’t apologize. I stand by that post 100%.