RIP To The Cavalier Girls

The Cavs have announced a “restructuring” of their in-game entertainment. In doing so, the Cavs announced they have dropped their ‘Cavalier Girls’ dance team, which they have replaced with a co-ed dance group.


2019, man. 2019. And this isn’t even an indictment blog of the newly added male members to the co-ed dance group. That’s just a case of different strokes for different folks. But rather, this is a grievance blog for the loss of the Cavalier girls. I grew up with these girls. They taught me everything I know. I’m pretty sure they were the reason that at 3 years old that I decided I liked hot chicks. That 1996 crop was a very, very good class.


This is a sad day for Cleveland fans. Especially after we just got the bid for the 20201 NFL Draft. But they always say that between the peaks there will be valleys, and it’s how you handle the valleys that will determines how quickly you reach your next peek. I’m going to keep my head up with this news and move forward. But not without a quick trip down memory lane.






Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. I’m gonna miss every single one of these girls. Fortunately, not all will be lost when it comes to in-game entertainment. The always annoying “Scream Team” will be back for a 15th season, and the Cavaliers even announced a new and improved team of dancers.

Other new in-game entertainment at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse next year will include:

  • Cavs Dancing Dads – “A group of fun-loving dads with extraordinary dance moves.”

2019, man. 2019.