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Real World - Chicago Started Last Night And Already Gave Us This Priceless Moment Of A Chick Telling Someone The Number Of People She's Slept With And Having It Immediately Backfire

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New Real World started last night (Big Cat, you still watch Real World, you’re so gay bro) and it was the usual madness. Bunch of meatheads, hot chicks, alcohol and an 850 dollar tab at Market’s roofdeck. Seen one seen it all right? Right. Except this moment where we peer into the mind of a chick trying to seem like she’s super conservative and hasn’t slept with a million guys just so she can sleep with a guy she met 4 hours ago (yes that was the logic in her brain).





Good old Pandora’s Box. Ladies, I know it’s a double standard, I fully admit that, I’m not saying you can’t sleep with a million dudes, I’m just saying don’t ever bring the topic up, why? Because one second you’re telling a guy you’ve only fucked 7 people and literally the next second it’s 12 and on and on we go. Just a perfect “I’m going to show how honest and normal I am” completely backfiring. We don’t need to know and you don’t need to tell us. Ignorance in this case is bliss.

Oh and that chick, yeah, learning her story should be fun.  






There’s another chick from Staten Island on the show and I don’t know if that’s how everyone from Staten Island speaks but yeah, I wish I was deaf every time she opens her mouth.