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You Think This Chinese Dude Was Pissed He Missed His Flight?

Source – A CHINESE official has been suspended after he went on a violent rampage at an airport terminal after being told he was too late to board his plane. Yan Linkun, the deputy chairman of a state-owned company, was caught on camera smashing two computers in his rage. And footage of his actions has now gone viral in China, leading to Yan being relieved of his duties. Yan, his wife and two sons had arrived at Kunming airport with plenty of time to board the plane, but spent too long eating breakfast, and missed the flight. After being switched to a 1pm flight, they once again missed the last call and was refused access to the plane, sparking Yan’s rage.


In a weird way I respect this guy.  Like we’ve all been at the airport eating food, checking our watches worrying about when our plane boards.  Rushing to finish like some sort of savage.  Not this Yan motherfucker.  He’ll take it down to the wire everytime and not even blink.  Ice water in his veins.  Doesn’t even care that he already missed his first flight.  He’s still going to finish his damn lunch on his terms.   Of course his only flaw in his game is he keeps missing his planes.  Pushing the envelope too far so to speak. Oh well.  You live by the sword you die by the sword I suppose.  Either way I could see how this would be frustrating.  You’re at the airport all day and you just keep missing your flights.  Sure it was 100% his fault but it’s still a bitter pill to swallow.  More of a frustration freakout.  Mad at himself probably.