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Scarlett Johansson Says She's Tired Of Being Sexy And Can't Wait To Gain Weight

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Web Pro News- Most women would kill to have Scarlett Johansson’s good looks, but according to Johansson, being sexy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Johansson’s astonishing beauty and amazing figure have allowed her to be a sex symbol for years, but the actress claims that being a sex symbol is tiring and even frustrating at times. “I don’t want to be the ingénue any more. That part I’m happy about. It’s nice to be glamorous, but I don’t want to always have to be trendy and glamorous and an object of desire. I don’t want to be stuck in that forever. Because it doesn’t last,” she said. Johansson is pregnant and unlike most women, she isn’t worried about losing her figure, gaining weight or even aging. In fact, she looks forward to the day that she doesn’t have to constantly worry about her looks.

BULLSHIT.  Such an astounding level of bullshit I’m actually angry.  We don’t believe you, you need more people, ScarJo.  This is the five year old kid complaining about having too many girlfriends situation all over again.  It’s Kate Upton saying she wishes she didn’t have big boobs all over again.  Scarlett is only doing this so people will continue to talk about how sexy she is and always will be.  It’s all an act.  No way in hell she actually believes the words coming out of her mouth.  She can’t.  Not to mention she’s spitting in the face of ugly people everywhere.  It’s better to have been blazing hot for two seconds than to have been an ugly mule your whole life.  Only us ugly people know just how true that statement is.  I refuse to sit here and believe her when she says she’s tired of being super sexy and having people talk about how good looking she is all the time and being one of the world’s hottest women alive.  That’s not how this works.  Being a hot chick is like hitting the genetic lottery.  Everything is easier for hot girls.  Everything.  Scarlett also has a secondary reason.  She’s pregnant.  So she’s scared and she’s hedging.  She’s scared that when she weighs 300 pounds and gets all whale looking that it’ll become her identity.  She’s trying to lean into the wave of “Oh I’m totally cool with looking like a fat cow.” even though she’s lying through her teeth and couldn’t be more terrified.

PS- If Scarlett is being genuine with this, well then we’ll take back all of her fame and fortune and she can be just another regular person on the street.