Call Of Duty IS BACK BABY!


Theres been rumors about the next COD being a prequel to Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It’s confirmed. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is what COD should be!

I haven’t gotten into COD since 2013 when Ghosts came out. That game sucked and the series kept getting worse and worse with Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 4, and WWII. I couldn’t stand the futuristic jetpack crap, or the AWFUL campaigns. Black Ops 3 was “ight”. But boy am I hooked back on! This trailer gives me COD4 feels with a MW2 presentation.

If Captain Price smoking his cigar didn’t flashback you to playing the Xbox 360 with a headset on your head and Mt. Dew can by your side, you got some history to catch up on. This trailer got me horny and hopefully we will see more at E3 in a few weeks.


Please don’t add any Battle Royale or game modes that are copied in every game today and make it like a REAL Modern Warfare multiplayer experience. No stupid dancing emotes, no games aimed for kids with the same muscular strength as me (5th graders), and NO BATTLE ROYALE. Can’t express this enough.

Shoutout Robert Bowling and Infinity Ward man. They got us again.