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Brockton Police Trying To Shut Down Rap Sensation Lil Poopy

BROCKTONOne video shows the 9-year-old rapper repeatedly slapping the buttocks of a woman who is bent over. In another video, Luie Rivera Jr., a Brockton fourth-grader also known as Lil Poopy, is shown in various other, sexually charged situations having similar physical contact with other women. Adults in a crowd cheer the 9-year-old on as he is in a simulated sex situation with a female on a dance floor. These images of Rivera, posted to YouTube in recent months and filmed alongside adults partying at nightclubs, including one in Waterbury, Conn., were too much for Brockton police, who are now lodging a complaint alleging child abuse or neglect against his father, Luis Rivera. Lil Poopy has hit the stage with P. Diddy, hung out in nightclubs and been featured in music videos in which he sings about Louis Vuitton swag, driving a Lamborghini and making someone else’s girlfriend his groupie. Rivera said his son and the people filmed in the video were wearing clothes. He also likened the buttocks slapping to how adults praise children who are participating in a baseball game, he said, for example.

Look at the man trying to keep Lil Poopy down.  I mean really Brockton police? Really? You don’t have better shit to do than to go after Lil Poopy?  The kid is a rap sensation. He’s performed with P Diddy. The only reason you even know his name is because of how popular he has become. Like there has to be 9 million other families in Brockton where real child abuse and neglect is happening. This ain’t it. Seriously how can anybody say Lil Poopy is being neglected? Do you know how much time and effort goes into editing these rap video? The last thing going on here is neglect. Kid is a rap mogul. What do you want him to do? Stay in his room? He’s got to hit the clubs and be seen.  It’s all about street cred.  You don’t become Poopy the Don by playing with Legos.  Ain’t his fault if the bitches want the D. Let Lil Poopy Live!  Let him live!

PS – Even though I’m firmly on Lil Poopy’s side here the dad’s excuse of slapping a chick on the ass is the same as slapping a kid on the ass in baseball is the worst analogy of all time