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Rangers Fire John Tortorella

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Well this really could have gone both ways…neither of which would have been surprising. On the one hand, the Rangers made the Eastern Conference Finals last season as the #1 seed in the East. As a 6 seed they made it to the 2nd round this post season. Neither season can be considered a failure.

But on the other hand this team is definitely underachieving. Should have never been a 6 seed to begin with in a strike shortened season with the talent they have. People were talking about the Rangers as a preseason favorite to make a run for the Cup as the lockout ended, and they were fighting for their playoff lives on the last day of the season. An absolutely putrid offensive team despite having some of the biggest names and most talented players in the League.

I think the real X-Factor is probably Torts’ antics. Always running his mouth and fighting the media and stirring up controversy with really no results that justify his constant bullshit. And with King Henrik scaring everyone in the Rangers organization shitless with his uncertainty for his future with the Blueshirts, nobody has time for that garbage. They need results to keep their franchise cornerstone – they need to make moves and changes to achieve those results – and a loud mouth, stubborn, abrasive coach with relatively disappointing results is always an easy target for those changes. Torts made his own bed. Has nobody to blame but himself.

PS – Yes, I know, Rex is next.